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Information for Groups

Guide to the system for group visitors.

Apply for group reservations
  • Groups of more than 20 people
  • Making reservations

    We accept group reservations starting from the first day of the month three months prior to the day of the visit (or the next opening day if the first day falls on a closing day).
    After making a reservation through the dedicated group reservation phone line, please send the specified reservation application form via fax.


  • Dedicated group reservation phone number: +81-52-231-9771

    PDFReservation Application Form Template and Example (PDF: 240KB)

    Get Adobe Reader To view PDF files, Adobe Reader is required.
  • Fax Number for Sending: +81-52-203-0788

Planetarium shows are conducted in Japanese only.
Museum brochures are available in 7 languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French).

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