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About a Logo, Asala

An the introduction of to Symbol mark and mascot character "AsSala", which is a logo and a mascot character for the Nagoya City Science Museum.

Science Museum's symbol mark

Science Museum's symbol mark
Image: The earth, a blue planet hanging in one corner of a boundless expanse of space,

has life, material, energy and various other things forming a harmonious system called nature.
Humans were born on the earth as a creature of wisdom (science and technology stemming from it). Humans should live happily, using their wisdom and refraining from disturbing nature's balance.

Produced by Kanako Takenaka

Science Museum's mascot character

Science Museum's mascot character
Design Concept: A character encouraging liberal conception not bound by established ideas.

It may appear to be an unidentified creature from space or something symbolizing an atom, energy, the source of life or an ameba depending on liberal conception on the part of viewers.

We gave it a cheerful, cute appearance as a mascot character so that it will affectionately foster juveniles' interest in science.

Nickname: Asala
  • Astro (ASTRO) Astro
  • Science (SCIENCE) Science
  • Life (LIFE) Life

Its name is a sort of acronym made from the above three words.

Created by Mr. Masaru Suzuki

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