Nagoya City Science Museum

The four large hands-on exhibits and the world’s biggest 35m Planetarium are waiting for you!

「Watch, Touch and Discover.」NCSM is the comprehensive science museum of Nagoya city.

Click to View Detail The Nagoya City Science Museum has many highlights such as an external appearance of landmark design featuring the spherical shape of the world's biggest planetarium with a diameter of 35 meters, a highly realistic starry sky that shown on the planetarium's screen, a -30 degree ºC room where you can see aurora images.
The building itself is the exhibition with its photovoltaic power generation equipment used to power the building, the green wall, and a way to see its earthquake-proof contraction as well as its elevator structure.
Please come visit the Nagoya City Science Museum not only for its value as a learning facility but as a tourist attraction as well.

Basic Concept

  1. Let visitors understand the principles and applications of science,generating fun and excitement.
  2. Let visitors think about the relationship between scientific technology and human beings.
  3. To better understand the problems facing society through the use of scientific technology.
  4. To provide residents with a place for lifelong learning through science.

Under these basic concepts, We, Nagoya City Science Museum do exhibitions and various activities for the dissemination of education. At the same time, we are promoting collaboration with school education, as well as promoting residents science activities.

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