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Guide to parking areas at the museum as well as how to get here using public transportation.

Public transportation means


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Higashiyama or Tsurumai Line 5
minutes to the south on foot from the fifth exit of Fushimi Station.
City bus service:
5 minutes to the south on foot from the "Hirokoji Fushimi"bus stop.
For Subway/Bus Schedules and Maps: "Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya"
Meitetsu bus service:
5 minutes to the north on foot from the Shirakawa Koen-mae bus stop.
Schedules and Maps: "Nagoya Railroad Co."
For those coming a long way to visit us

Please take the JR, Meitetsu or Kintetsu train lines to Nagoya Station.
Fushimi Station is one stop from Nagoya Station,on the Higashiyama subway line bound for Fujigaoka.

Cycle parking

For those coming by bicycle to the Nagoya City Science Museum, please park here.

Bicycle parking

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Bus Bay

For those coming by tourist bus and school bus can use a bus bay.
You are required to inform us for the use. Please contact us at least 7 opening days prior to your visit.

Bus Bay

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Parking Area

Parking Area Map
Please Note:

Your kind cooperation to this request will help prevent the global warming and ensure the wellbeing of the earth as well as humans tomorrow in consequence.

About Grobal Warming

1. Wakamiya Odori Koen Shirakawa-mae

27 cars
81 cars
Parking fee
Bus: 600 yen for the first 1 hour,
and 600 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter Passenger
:Auto: 180 yen for every 30 minutes

2.Shirakawa Koen

0 cars
58 cars
Parking fee
Auto: \180 for every 30 minutes

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